• Green Argentine Pacman Frog

Green Argentine Horned Frog

(C. cranwelli)

Ranging in color from brown to green these frogs are a staple of the pet trade and are commonly known as the “Pac Man” frogs because of their resemblance to the popular video game character of the same name. Though generally inactive, they are aggressive eaters, hunting by ambush. They are carnivorous, feeding on insects, like-sized animals, other frogs, and practically any other animal they are able to swallow.

During extreme temperatures and dry conditions, Cranwell’s frogs enter a period of aestivation or dormancy burrowing into the substrate and developing layers of thick protective skin to trap moisture slowing dehydration. When aestivation is complete, the frog uses its front and hind legs to help remove the protective layer. In most cases, the frog pulls the skin over its back eating the skin in the process, utilizing it as a convenient first meal after a long rest.

Life Cycle

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