• Freddy Kreuger Frog

Freddy Kreuger Frog

(L. laevis x L. llanensis)

This frog was originally introduced to the pet trade and given the name in Freddy Krueger frog by Noel (Steve) and Claire Alt. They dubbed it Freddy Krueger due to its extremely aggressive attitude. When disturbed it stands tall on its hind legs, puffs itself up with air, and screams until its face turns a pale pink!

Although this frog is considered to be a man-made hybrid, it is a matter of debate whether or not this frog is one in the same species as Lepidobatrachus asper. Controversy exists as to whether L. asper is a naturally occurring hybrid or a separate species which merely shares its range with L. laevis and L.llanensis. It is characterized by its semi-elliptical pupil with a skin texture that ranges from smooth to slightly bumpy.

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