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Brazilian Horned Frog*

(C. aurita)

Long considered to be the “Holy Grail” of Horned frog collectors and enthusiasts worldwide, this frog has gained an almost mythological status.

Little is currently known about this amazing species. It is reportedly the largest of the Horned frog family and occurs in a wide range of colors and patterns ranging from dark green to light the beige to reddish-brown; with the colors mixed and matched into a seemingly endless combination of color and pattern. As a rain forest dweller, it spends its time buried in the leaf litter of the forest floor waiting in ambush for its next meal.

Bred for the first time by The Frog Ranch here in the USA, we look forward to adding first-hand information as it comes to light, working with this amazing animal.

Life Cycle

  • Ceratophrys aurita Tadpoles
  • Ceratophrys aurita Frog
  • Brazilian Horned Frog Tadpoles
  • Baby Brazilian Horned Frog